PENELOPE’S CRUISE, A Romance Novel About Relationships 

“I came back from a vacation and everyone I shared my stories with said I should write a book. My math major brain didn’t want any part of writing. However, several years later, I decided to give it a try, and much to my amazement, it just poured out of me. I kept wondering where was all this inspiration coming from?!”

Penelope’s Cruise is inspired by this true event with the added bonus of dating advice and relationship tips woven into the story. Gina, the main character, goes on date after date, which keeps turning into disaster. She comes up with a three-part plan, including THE LIST, to find her perfect partner. She implements the plan and then goes on a cruise to celebrate her 50th birthday. On the very first day of the cruise, she meets 37 year old Greg, and they plunge into a steamy shipboard romance which actually continues after the cruise ends. Then, Gina makes a startling discovery about Greg, and then has to navigate her way through choppy seas to arrive at her happily ever after. 

If you are in a relationship already or want to start one, you’ll want to talk to Dodie about THE LIST! One of Dodie’s readers wrote, “THE LIST! THE LIST! IT WORKED! I used it and am now in a relationship with this amazing man!”

This novel has some insights about building relationships as well as the story of the romance. AND 90% of the net profits of each book is donated to CHARITY!
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“POLY HARC! Oh, my! I read your book last night!...It was great! I cried at the end. Just the way it all came together...the way you ended it with the poem on Guidance. I felt like you were writing to me. Wow!...Awesome! Awesome!...” 
- From D.B. 
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